GeoCAN Mining Co., Ltd.


Besides real estate development, engineering construction, international trade and international logistics, the investment and development of mineral resources is an important developing direction of China Dreal Group in Africa. Support from government, bank and financial group provides rich capital for the mining development of China Dreal Group. The cooperation with professional organization and institutions provides Geocan Mining with professional and effective teams of exploration and management.



GeoCAN Mining can flexibly use multiple modes below to conduct diversified cooperation and develop mining investment and cooperation in the world scope.


Investment and Development ModeForm a joint venture with African governments, institutions and individuals for joint development and production.



Equity Merger ModePurchase part of stock rights from the mining company which has obtained mining right or put into production.



Risk Exploration ModePurchase the exploration rights of targeted mining area; Geocan Mining is responsible for finishing exploration and exploits in a cooperative way after confirmation.



Purchasing Capacity ModeInvest to expand capacity on the cooperative mining company and distribute jointly the output with the partner.


Lease ModeLease management in the mining area is run by Geocan Mining to develop and produce within the prescribed years.




Namibia GeoCAN Mining Co., Ltd.


On October 31, 2012, Geocan Mining Namibia office and Namibia Geocan Mining Co., Ltd. were officially established. The company is located in a high-grade commercial residential area in capital Windhoek with an office area of 2100 square meters.




The group will gain the exploration right and mining right, including various modes such as joint venture, holding, lease, etc., to start mining resource development action in Namibia. Meanwhile the group will define Namibia as the operating headquarter for group mining plan in Africa, and establish management team, exploration team, logistic guarantee team and supporting facilities with Namibia as the centre to provide service to the mining development plan of the group in the entire African continent.