Sichuan Mar International Trading Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Mar Trading Co., Ltd. plays a role of a bridge in the global business system of China Dreal Group: it provides all material supplies and trade services in demand for the construction and development of the Group in Africa.



Strong purchasing network Relying on the strong advantage of “Made in China”, the purchasing network of Mar Trading can quickly and accurately provide all materials required for African construction.



Stable and convenient logistics serviceFrom China to any main ports in Africa, Mar Trading owns stable and convenient logistics channel, rapid transportation cycle and competitive freight price.



Professional and meticulous servicesBuilding materials, hardware and electromechanical products, household appliances and furniture, timber and minerals are the main management categories of the trade items between China and Africa in Mar Trading.



Counting on the Group's advantages, Mar Trading has more guarantees on expenditure of funds and payment backflow. The cooperation of African company, Hong Kong Company and Chinese Mainland Company also provides flexible and diversified choices of trading forms for customers.


Developmental win-win cooperation Today, African continent is the huge market with the most promising prospect, and Chinese has a strong capability in supply and investment ability, between both of which Mar Trading has created a developmental win-win cooperation mode. With the resource advantage of the group in Africa, China Dreal Group and Mar Trading Company interests in supporting more Chinese brands to implement sales and development in Africa, including: providing display sites, establishing logistical channels, providing necessary logistics guarantee, etc., meanwhile actively participating in the joint venture, cooperation and localized long-term development of these brands with African local partners.





Angola Multi-Design Furniture Company




Angola Multi-Design Furniture Company, which is located in the Commercial Street of Rose Garden with an area of 4700 square meters, is held by China Dreal Group with 60% shares and under the joint cooperation and management of Mar Trading and local company in Angola, whose products are all made in China. At present, it is a furniture store in Angola with the largest scale, highest grade and most comprehensive varieties.